US: Virginia eye care network taps The Taylor Reach Group for contact centre operations

A prominent eye care network in Virginia has tapped The Taylor Reach Group (TRG), a global contact center, call center, and customer experience consulting firm, to enhance its contact center operations.

This move aims to refine customer interactions and appointment booking procedures across its statewide service network.

The eye care network, which provides a range of surgical and non-surgical services to the general public and specialized domains like pediatrics, is keen on maximizing efficiency and patient care through this strategic partnership.

Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer of Taylor Reach, stated, “Patients need an effective solution with minimal time spent on the phone. Streamlining this process for the patient while keeping it efficient for the organization is our main objective.”

Taylor Reach, renowned for its operational prowess in healthcare networks, plans to revolutionize the patient management system by minimizing the steps patients need to take and optimizing the review of available services.

The overhaul commences with an operational review, which scrutinizes existing personnel, technologies, and workflow processes. This process helps to understand customer needs and align them with the network’s approach.

“Changing the system while still delivering services is like changing the tires while driving the car. It’s complex, but we’ve got the expertise to handle it,” said Taylor.

He also explained that, in some cases, the consulting team needs to take the reins for a period to enact necessary changes, such as incorporating new technology or initiating training systems, swiftly and effectively.

The Taylor Reach Group’s modus operandi involves conducting detailed strategic assessments for companies, NGO’s, and governments across North America.

Their unique methodology combines benchmarking, best practice analysis, and root cause analysis, along with a comprehensive understanding of people, processes, technology, and methodology.

This holistic approach helps identify gaps that need to be addressed to enhance the operation and experience for both the customers and front-line staff. –

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