Fiji’s outsourcing sector set to soar with Starlink deal

Fiji’s outsourcing sector is on the brink of significant expansion due to a new partnership between the Fijian Government and Starlink.

Sagufta Janif, the Executive Director, highlights that this collaboration is set to transform Fiji’s ICT infrastructure, thereby boosting its appeal as a global outsourcing destination.

The partnership grants Fiji access to Starlink’s cutting-edge satellite technology, ensuring unparalleled connectivity and reliability. This enhanced infrastructure is not only expected to attract more international businesses but also to cement Fiji’s status as a secure and resilient outsourcing hub.

Janif emphasizes the importance of this partnership in driving innovation and growth within Fiji’s outsourcing industry. She applauds the Fijian Government for its progressive mindset in adopting transformative initiatives that fortify Fiji’s digital economy.

The collaboration with Starlink marks a pivotal moment, positioning Fiji as a technologically advanced, resilient, and highly desirable location for global outsourcing operations. –