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BPONewsDaily.com is an online publication that focuses on business process outsourcing (BPO) news, outsourcing news, call center news, business news, investments news, finance and economic news around Asia and around the world. It also features breaking stories and trending events happening around the across the globe.

BPONewsDaily.com summarizes the top BPO news and business stories in Asia to allow our readers a quick view of what is going on in the region. Our aim is to become a provider of quick outsourcing and business news so that our readers won’t have to deal with lengthy stories that take up a lot of time to digest.

BPONewsDaily.com features stories on outsourcing companies, BPO investments, institutional investors, hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, stock markets, currencies, foreign exchange, economy, regulations, people moves, breaking stories, insurance, and a lot more.

Our Team

MW Wakefield
Publisher / Editor in Chief

MW Wakefield has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist based in the Philippines. He has covered major events in the Philippines and has traveled around Asia and South America to cover business and finance related news.

Akihiro Aiko
Japan Correspondent

Akihiro Aiko currently works as a professional journalist in Japan and regularly contributes news to our website. She specializes in economic and insurance news.

Cynthia Chan
Hong Kong / China Correspondent
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Based in Hong Kong, Cynthia Chan is expert in financial reporting, having worked for a business wire agency for at least five years. He currently works full time as BPO News Daily’s Hong Kong / China correspondent.


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