Bangladesh Attack Moves BPO Event Out of Dhaka


A number of foreign delegates invited to a business process outsourcing (BPO) event in Dhaka, Bangladesh have already expressed their decision not to attend the program.

Organizers said the scheduled BPO event in Dhaka on July 28-29 will now be held in Bangkok, Thailand or Colombo, Israel following the Gulshan terror attack.

The said attack on July 1 in a Dhaka restaurant killed 20 hostages, mostly foreigners.

The attack also prompted telecom operators and international technology vendors to issue safety directives to their foreign employees and urged them to work online from home.

Asia-Pacific Networking Information Centre, a regional internet registry that allocates IP addresses and autonomous system numbers for internet users in the Asia-Pacific region, was supposed to hold its 42nd executive meeting in Dhaka from September 29 to October 6.

But amid fears and tension in Dhaka, the programme will now be organised in Bangkok or Colombo.

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The attack will be a major blow to Bangladesh’s aim to become key BPO player in the region.

Earlier, stakeholders of Bangladesh’s (BPO) industry have urged Philippine investors to start a business or invest in the country to help the industry grow.

During the 5-day visit to the Philippines of representatives of the Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing (BACCO), the industry representatives said they are open to work with their Philippine counterparts through joint venture investment and ownership. –